Easy, reliable, safe. Just like that.


A real-time monitoring toolkit for cyber-physical systems.

Strong Guarantees

RTLola provides strong safety guarantees by employing formal methods, yet it is easy to use. We took care of all the details, so you can focus on what matters.


Incomprehensible trust is an oxymoron. So the RTLola language feels familiar from the start and the toolkit supports specifiers throughout the whole design process.


Transparency is key when it comes to trust. Hence, both our scientific publications and code base are fully open source.


Developed with Engineers for Engineers

The RTLola language focuses on clarity and maintainability. Its ongoing development centers around the feedback of engineers from various fields. Inspired by programming languages, it feels familiar right away while maintaining readability through a well-designed syntax.

Rigorous Static Analysis

Every specification is analyzed rigorously before its deployment, eliminating undefined behavior during runtime. This process includes determining the validity of the specification and its memory requirement. Plus, the constant memory guarantee effectively allows the monitor to run indefinitely.

Saves Time and Resources

The open-source implementation is engineered to have minute energy consumption, a slim memory footprint, and be blazingly fast. Plus: with RTLola in your development cycle, validation and testing of your prototype becomes effortless, accelerating the development of your product. Hence, RTLola is easy on your resources in every sense of the word!

Backed by Formal Methods

Built on a formal foundation with provably correct algorithms at its core, RTLola empowers the development of reliable systems, leaving no room for errors. Based on this, RTLola can provide guarantees in line with modern safety standards.

Get Started


Use our interative tutorial and virtual playground to jump right in. More details on RTLola can be found here.


Read up on the scientific background published at high-ranked conferences. A good place to start is this paper. Find all publications here.


Every module is available on crates.io, the Rust package repository, providing an easy way to use RTLola in your projects.

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Our Core Team

Jan Baumeister

Jan Baumeister

Bernd Finkbeiner

Bernd Finkbeiner

Florian Kohn

Florian Kohn

Frederik Scheerer

Frederik Scheerer

Malte Schledjewski

Malte Schledjewski

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